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Learn how to eat for success and transition into a lifestyle approach


We show you exactly what your exercise routine should be tailored to your body type

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We have refined our training programs to deliver maximum results for your specific body and goals

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  • Are you tired of second guessing what to eat before and after your workout?
  • Do you know how to train each body part during the week, when, and how many times?
  • Can’t afford a Nutritionist or A strength Coach for $100/hr?

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Meet Your Coaches 

I Founded LOF in 2010 as a fighter to help attract sponsors and aid in my pursuit of a professional MMA career. My goal for LOF is be a resource for those fighting for what they want in life. 

- Coach Mike Caulo

I have been involved in health and fitness my entire life. After college I left the fitness industry to focus on career and family. After years in a corporate environment I knew it was time to refocus my attention back into becoming a healthier version. With a full background of credentials Mike and I have formed a team to help clients find their way to a better, more healthy lifestyle.

Our goal is to help get you on the right path for nutrition and fitness. Once you are on the right path we give you options to help you stay the course or walk the course with you.

- Coach Chuck Campagna

3 Great Reasons to Take Your body Type Quiz:

  1. Get results that last.
  2. Easy to Follow and Implement right away.
  3. Compromise free. We show you how you can still eat what you want and still get the results you crave.

Plus, We’re here to help you. This means if you have questions, want additional resources or need guidance you can reach out to us at any time.

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Christopher Easley

"I encourage you to let mike work with you, I promise he will help raise your level of fitness up dramatically!"

Megan Rose

"One of the most powerfully positive people I’ve ever met. I'm beyond blessed to have him as coach."

Matt Stone

"Very knowledgeable and efficient at pinpointing ways to improve"

Alex Tyler

"Super practical, actionable, and scientifically based training. "

Phil Kratz

"A one stop shop for your nutrition, health, and fitness needs. Mike is the man and will help motivate you to reach your goals!"

Bridget Blue

"It was an amazing program Mike and his team are fantastic they always were able to check in and making sure I was always on point even on bad days. Great program!"

28 Day Nutrition Reset


  • Learn how to reset years of damage
    and poor decisions
  • Learn how to eat for success eat in a way that burns fat and builds muscle
  • Learn how to introduce cheat meals into your week that will actually increase your metabolism
  • Transition into a lifestyle approach to reaching your goals and maintaining them
  • Get Weekly Live Support from our Coaching Team to troubleshoot any questions.
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Learn how to transition into a lifestyle approach to reaching Your goals and maintaining them.

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